Welcome to Stencil

For the past 23 years, STENCIL® has been a pioneer in introducing innovative, elegant designs and high-tech fabrics into the Australian corporate, promotional, uniform and sportswear market.

As the inventor of our most popular CoolDry® range of polos and shirts, which keep our satisfied clients all over Australia cool, calm and focused on their job rather than their clothes; STENCIL® continues to push the boundaries in high-tech, custom-made fabrics to include the heat-wicking IceCool® range, liquid-repelling NanoGear® range and the eco-friendly BioWeave® range, all of which have been proven to be high-performing, comfortable and well-suited to our clients in the corporate, promotional and sportswear market.

We have also expanded our range beyond polos and business shirts into jackets and hoodies, which features windproof and showerproof fabric technology that keeps you warm and dry, yet still features STENCIL®’s signature breathability.

Our latest developments in high-tech fabrics include the SilverTech® and DryMax® range of garments. Our SilverTech® garments feature new nano-scale silver technology to provide a permanent, anti-bacterial (certified 99.99% rating) and natural odour-reducing finish, while our DryMax® range builds upon our most popular series of high-tech fabrics—the CoolDry® range.

The DryMax® range is made from a specially treated moisture-wicking weave that draws in sweat from your skin and shifts it towards the outside of the fabric, exposing it to natural airflow which leads to quick evaporation. At the same time, heat from your body is easily dispersed when it comes into contact with the DryMax® fabric, due to the unique weave creating a natural airflow between your skin and the garment, ensuring you stay fresh and cool all summer long.

STENCIL® will continue to lead the way in supplying Australia’s favourite polos and shirts for years to come and we will continue to be on the frontier of developing high-tech fabrics and bringing them to the Australian market.